Read what others are saying about Unbelievable?: Why after ten year of talking with Atheists, I’m still a Christian.


‘This is a highly readable survey of the reasons for Christian faith, often called “apologetics”. But it is not just an academic exercise. Justin has respectfully engaged many thoughtful atheists and sceptics over the years, which is always a test for a believer. The book is therefore very personal – it explains how his own faith has emerged while working through the challenges he has received. Believers and non-believers (and the many in between) will all be helped by this volume.’

Tim Keller
Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City


This book will be a valuable resource for both those who want to think about their faith, and those who want to develop these kind of conversations themselves. As a former atheist myself, I know how important it is for wavering atheists to find sensible and informed Christians who they can talk to about their growing doubts. I hope many wanting to have these kind of conversations will find this book helpful and encouraging.

Alister McGrath
Andreos Idreos Professor of Science and Religion


‘A wonderfully clear, winsome and accessible case for Christianity from a man who has hosted many of the world’s most prominent sceptics and atheists. The mixture of storytelling and argument is engaging, and the result is compelling.’

Andrew Wilson
Church leader, author, theologian and co-host of the Mere Fidelity podcast


‘Justin Brierley stands at the top of those who host high-quality podcasts on religious matters. His years of experience dialoguing with believers and non-believers alike on countless topics, and doing so intelligently and with congeniality, makes him the perfect person to write this book. This book is a great read, engaging as well as educational, and will encourage one to think deeply about the issues covered. Moreover, by the time readers reach the end of the book, they will feel as though they have become friends with its author. Highly recommended!’

Michael Licona
Associate Professor of Theology, Houston Baptist University, Texas


‘Atheists tell us that they are champions of reason. If so, how does a man who each week hears the arguments of the world’s most articulate atheists remain a committed Christian? Unbelievable? No, Justin Brierley is just marvellously well informed (and well mannered). Here he takes us behind the scenes of his popular radio debates between atheists and Christians to show us why his Christian beliefs are stronger than ever. A beautifully written cure for doubts and a spirited defence of Christianity.’

Frank Turek
Author, speaker and radio host of Cross Examined


‘Above all else, this book shows the moral decency of Justin Brierley. He quotes me saying that, although a non-believer, my life has been guided by the Parable of the Talents. He could have quoted me saying that, in the Republic, Plato says that the full life is one of sharing. Read this delightful book and see how Justin Brierley walks in the paths of both Athens and Jerusalem.’

Michael Ruse, Lucyle T. Werkmeister
Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Program in the History and Philosophy of Science Department of Philosophy, Florida State University


‘Beautifully written, brilliantly argued, Justin’s book Unbelievable? will thrill Christians and challenge atheists. Everyone should read this book and buy extra copies to give away.’

R. T. Kendall
Author and pastor


‘Over the past decade, I’ve come to recognize Unbelievable? with Justin Brierley as a show of unparalleled quality. Week by week, Brierley facilitates in-depth conversational debate across deep ideological divides with just the right balance between rigour and accessibility. The same may be said of Justin’s new book. Fans of Unbelievable? will find here a treasure trove of insights and reflections mined from a decade of hosting debates on life’s biggest questions. But Justin’s book is not simply a backstage pass to his fine radio show; it stands on its own as an eloquent, accessible and winsome apologetic in the grand tradition of C. S. Lewis.’

Randal Rauser
Theologian, author and blogger, Alberta, Canada

‘Whether you are a believer or a seeker, this book is a must-read. Through the lens of his popular radio show Unbelievable?, Brierley invites readers to consider the evidence for the Christian faith. He not only lays out a powerful case for Christianity, but does so in an interesting, judicious and entertaining fashion. Here’s my suggestion: get a copy, read it and then discuss it with a friend.’

Sean McDowell
Assistant Professor of Apologetics, Biola University, California, and a popular speaker and author
of over 15 books, including A New Kind of Apologist


‘Gracious, thoughtful conversations about matters of belief and unbelief are very valuable – but, sadly, all too rare in today’s culture of memes, sarcasm, and hostile attack and counter-attack. Can we do better? Justin Brierley says yes – and has ten years of fruitful conversations as the host of Unbelievable? to prove it. Here, he offers a twofold apologetic: first, he gives reasons why he is indeed still a Christian after all those conversations with atheists; second, he demonstrates that genuine dialogue is both possible and fruitful. Written in an engaging, relaxed style, his book will be useful and encouraging for Christians who are trying to find ways to talk about their faith with sceptical friends and family, and it will be an interesting and thought-provoking read for sceptics as well.’

Dr Holly Ordway
Author of Not God’s Type: An Atheist Academic Lays Down Her Arms


‘After ten years of interviewing atheists and agnostics, Justin Brierley has heard every argument there is against God and the Christian faith, yet he is unpersuaded; what’s more, he is more confident in his faith than ever before! In Unbelievable? Justin guides the reader by the hand with his well-researched and carefully argued thesis, persuasively showing that Christianity makes the best sense of the world around us. In a world ruptured by cultural fragmentation and competing ideologies, Justin is credible because he has shown us how to cultivate important and necessary conversations in a winsome way with people we disagree with, without being disagreeable; reflecting the spirit of Jesus, who himself asked over one hundred questions in the Gospels. Indeed, evidence mixed with authentic Christian experience is the core of a vibrant faith that has allowed Justin to address a very important topic and bless the Church with this uniquely important book.’

Jeremiah J. Johnston
President of the Christian Thinkers Society and
Professor of Early Christianity, Houston Baptist University, Texas


‘This provocative title draws the reader into Justin Brierley’s story. By describing debates and dialogues between well-known critics, such as Richard Dawkins, Bart Ehrman and Richard Carrier, and well-known Christian apologists, Brierley reflects on accounts from perhaps the bestknown religious dialogue programme today. Hundreds of archives retell these major skirmishes. As one of his guests and the subject of a chapter in this volume, I can attest first-hand to Justin’s well-placed questions, engaging follow-up and even-handed treatment. So why is Justin still a Christian? Join this highly recommended conversation and enjoy the answers that he provides!’

Gary R. Habermas
Distinguished Research Professor and Chair, Philosophy Department, Liberty University, Virginia


‘Against the rising tide of the “New Atheism” since the millennium, there has arisen a new wave of thinking Christians, unabashed and unashamed to defend the faith and assert their confidence in a living Christ.
Justin is one of those. He has hosted his radio show Unbelievable? for the past ten years, and has had ample opportunity to listen to lively conversations and debate between atheists and Christians (many of them household names among academics). These conversations have resulted in Justin re-examining his Christian beliefs and discovering that he is more committed to their veracity than ever. He has become very skilled himself at answering objections to the faith, but maintains warmth and respect towards those who disagree with him. This is a friendly, clear, relational book discussing the central tenets of the Christian faith. It is eminently readable. I loved it, and I hope you will too.’

Faith Forster
Co-founder of Ichthus Christian Fellowship


‘Ten years of dialoguing with sceptics has given Justin Brierley a unique insight into the questions and issues that divide atheists and Christians. In Unbelievable?, Justin helps Christians to understand their atheist friends, treat their questions seriously, and comprehend how to give answers with depth, clarity and compassion. A deeply thoughtful, incredibly generous book that encourages Christians to take seriously the task of not only answering our sceptical friends but also of truly listening to them.’

Andy Bannister
Director, Solas Centre for Public Christianity and author of The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist


‘Finally! One of my favourite thinkers is now one of my favourite authors! Weaving together science, philosophy and human experience, Justin offers reasons for God’s existence that are both personal and deeply thoughtful. The result is beautifully compelling. There is honesty and gentleness in these pages, pulled from thousands of on-air conversations with guests of all kinds of belief and lack thereof. Justin’s first-hand, front-line experience has really paid off: Unbelievable? is an incredible work that deserves the widest possible readership.’

Bruxy Cavey
Teaching Pastor, The Meeting House and author of The End of Religion and Reunion: The Good News of Jesus for Seekers, Saints, and Sinners


‘Writing with the same clarity he brings to radio discussions, Justin has a way of cutting to the nub of issues that make difficult concepts understandable – even for agnostics like me!’

Mike Rand
Unbelievable? listener


‘Civil, productive debates about religion aren’t possible any more – not between Christians and atheists anyway, and certainly not when you put a microphone in the room. That’s the conventional wisdom – and Justin Brierley has been proving it wrong every week for more than ten years. But as I’ve listened to the talented and gracious host of the Unbelievable? podcast, I’ve often wondered how he straddles these worlds without having his faith torn apart. Unbelievable? [the book] is the answer to that question, and it is rich and compelling. It will leave believers and sceptics more open to conversations with each other, and seekers more impressed with the truth and beauty of the Christian faith.’

Drew Dyck
Acquisitions editor at Moody Publishers, Senior Editor at CTPastors.com and author of Generation Ex-Christian