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Evangelist Becky Pippert, bestselling author of ‘Out Of The Saltshaker’, talks to Justin Brierley about how Christians can be a faithful witness to Christ during the COVID-19 lockdown and about her new... More

Renowned Christian thinker William Lane Craig tells Justin Brierley how to respond to online atheists during Covid 19 More

Evangelist Glen Scrivener gives a 90 second gospel presentation during his interview on Premier Christian Radio’s The Profile. More

Glen Scrivener gives his 90-second answer. More

Glen Scrivener gives his 90 second answer... More

Glen Scrivener gives his 90 second answer… More

Glen Scrivener gives his 90 second answer… More

These former atheist scientists now believe in God because of the evidence More

Justin Welby the Archbishop of Canterbury speaks to Premier’s Justin Brierley about the evangelism and prayer initiative Thy Kingdom Come, praying in tongues, Brexit, politics, being the leader of the... More

Dr. Michael Brown grew up in a Jewish family but was shooting heroin by the time he was 15 as part of a rock-and-roll lifestyle. He tells Justin Brierley how An encounter with Jesus changed his life and... More