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Justin presents a live audience edition of the show from Church Everyday in Northridge, California. He’s joined by atheist Ryan Bell, a former Christian pastor who took ‘A Year Without God’ after coming... More

Hannah Timson of Humanist Students UK and Sharon Dirckx of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics join Justin Brierley on Unbelievable? to discuss whether a good God would allow evil.To hear the full... More

For more debates, updates & a bonus clip of Derren and Richard discussing the funny side of death sign up at http://www.thebigconversation.showIllusionist Derren Brown discusses the search for happiness... More

For the full video, further episodes, updates & bonus content sign up http://www.thebigconversation.showHarvard atheist Steven Pinker debates the future of humanity with Nick Spencer of Christian think-tank... More

For more debate videos, updates and exclusive content sign up at http://www.thebigconversation.show Jordan B Peterson debates the psychology of religious belief with atheist academic Susan Blackmore in... More

Be the first to watch, listen and download at http://www.thebigconversation.showThe Big Conversation is a unique video series from Unbelievable? featuring world-class thinkers across the Christian and... More

With over 1.5 million downloads last year, Unbelievable? is the apologetics podcast everyone is talking about. Even Richard Dawkins has been on it! More

Is the universe that produced us just a result of a chance roll of the cosmic dice? Justin Brierley, presenter of the apologetics debate show Unbelievable? explains why his dice (yes we know it should... More

Atheist philosopher, Julian Baggini and Christian apologist, Vince Vitale sat down with Justin Brierley to share their perspectives on the purpose of suffering.   More

Steve Chalke of Oasis Trust explains why he believes evangelical churches need to start a conversation on changing their theology on homosexuality to avoid tragic consequences for young, gay Christians. Ed... More

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