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In the first of a new regular testimony feature, we hear how a series of unusual experiences led Parisian atheist Guillaume Bignon on an intellectual journey to Christ. More

Alister McGrath, scientist and theologian, talks to Justin Brierley about his journey to Christian faith from atheism and his work defending Christianity against Dawkins and the new atheists. More

Professor John Lennox is a top Oxford Mathematician. He is also a committed Christian. He chats to Justin Brierley about his debates with Richard Dawkins, his own journey of faith and why Christianity... More

Tim Keller is a New York Pastor and the best-selling author of "The Reason for God". He chats to Justin about the doubts he has dealt with in his own Christian journey and the reason for the hope he h... More

Justin Brierley talks to Os Guinness, author and social critic. More

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