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This week is a bit sad as it is actually the last Unsigned Radio show and therefore the last Podcast episode. I started the Unsigned show back in 2008 and I’ve loved discovering new artists and new music and in turn introducing them to you. Along the way we’ve given many artists their first radio interview, championed them along the way and celebrated their victories with them too. Please do always support independent artists by following them, buying their music and turning up at their shows and of course sharing and spreading the word about their music – it really does make a difference. So it brings me to our final guest at the end of an era. This week we get to chat to the wonderful Rachel Jane a talented pop singer and songwriter from Bath in South West England about her new single, My Way, which features Joshua Luke Smith. The single came out just yesterday and she’ll tell us about her new EP which will be out very soon too. So for the last time, enjoy!
This week we are talking to an artist who is now based in Germany after spending 10 years here in the UK. Carina de Vetter has released music with her husband Sam but this is her first solo release. So I’m delighted to get to know her and introduce you to her and also to celebrate her new music.
This week we have someone who is not new to music or the scene at all. Lorraine Clarke-Mcghie has a rich history in music as a previous member of the London Community Gospel Choir, backing vocalist, music teacher and now artist in her own right. Lorraine’s track Closer has done so well and now a brilliant garage remix. I’m looking forward to this chat and I think you will enjoy it too.
My guest this week is singer, songwriter and worship leader Geraldine Faith, of Ugandan descent and residing now in South London we’ll be talking about her new EP, Response, which she just had an online launch for. Geraldine has been through a lot in terms of her mental health over the last year or so and has also become a mum for the first time so it’s a particularly amazing achievement for her to release this music and we certainly want to celebrate it with her.
Our guest this week is Emmanuel Smith - worshipper, singer/songwriter and The Voice UK semi-finalist. We first met Emmanuel at the end of 2018 before his stint on the hit show so it will be so interesting to hear what he learned through the experience and he has brand new music out, sticking to his worship roots so of course we’ll hear that too. Enjoy!
Today on the podcast it’s something of a reunion as our guest was on the show in the very early days of Unsigned. In fact, he was involved in a competition we ran 7 or 8 years ago. As you can imagine he’s come a long way since then and has just released a worship single, Unchanging Changer, a message we definitely need to hear in these uncertain times. Glenn Gwazai is my guest so do enjoy our long overdue catch-up.
Our guest this week is Evie Asio a soulful singer-songwriter with influences ranging from Stevie Wonder to Vulfpeck to Nao. Evie has spent time experimenting with her sound and what she wants to say as an artist and she feels that she is finally at a place where she is ready to share her music with the world. With a new single ‘Pendulum’, out now and an album release planned for later on in the year, it’s my pleasure to introduce her to you.
This week we are going soulful and funky as I’m joined by Aylwin Steele the frontman of a brilliant group called The Zealots. They have just released an incredible new single and have more music on the way. They are definitely a band you just have to see live so make sure you’re following them so you get to be the first to hear about that opportunity.
Our guest this week is Sharee Lewis a talented singer, songwriter and rapper who will be talking about her new single, Time.  The song is all about finding your identity and who you are when you’ve not had a great start in life.  It’s a powerful track and she describes it as the first part of her testimony, including what it was like to grow up in the care system. She’s very brave to share her story with the world. Sharee is an amazing artist and I think you’re going to be really inspired by her.

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