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This week we are going soulful and funky as I’m joined by Aylwin Steele the frontman of a brilliant group called The Zealots. They have just released an incredible new single and have more music on the way. They are definitely a band you just have to see live so make sure you’re following them so you get to be the first to hear about that opportunity.
Our guest this week is Sharee Lewis a talented singer, songwriter and rapper who will be talking about her new single, Time.  The song is all about finding your identity and who you are when you’ve not had a great start in life.  It’s a powerful track and she describes it as the first part of her testimony, including what it was like to grow up in the care system. She’s very brave to share her story with the world. Sharee is an amazing artist and I think you’re going to be really inspired by her.

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My guest tonight was actually with us not long ago but in a different capacity. We last talked to him as part of new worship collective, Throne Room Family but today he is here in his own right and has returned to his funky roots. Connor Patterson will be talking to us about his new single, First Move.
My guest tonight is a brand new gospel artist called Philippa Bamgboye. We’ll be talking about her debut EP, Be Renewed, motherhood and female role models. She has an incredible voice and I’m excited to see where her musical journey is going to go.
My guest tonight had a bit of a self-imposed hiatus from the music scene and his brand new EP, Cry Like A Man, talks about why. South London rapper, Triple O has faced some of his most difficult challenges in life and it’s incredibly brave of him to detail the journey through this new EP. It’s hard-hitting, creative and important. I feel privileged that he agreed to share some of that with us on the show. Be encouraged and be inspired!

We first met this week’s guest back in the early days of the Unsigned show when he was Pete McAllen. He’s still Pte McAllen but these days, musically at least, he goes by the name Pyramid Park. It has been amazing to follow Pete’s journey from strength to strength, from a Cambridge based worship leader to full time Independent, alternative-pop singer songwriter touring internationally. Now he is about to release a new album, and the next single drops next week. So I’m so looking forward to our chat and I think you’re going to enjoy it too!
We’re taking a slightly different angle tonight as my guest first contacted me about an event he is involved with on the 22 Feb called IGNITE which is all about mental health awareness. It sounded fantastic but my interest peaked when he also explained that with his band they have recorded an EP also called IGNITE which releases in a couple of weeks to support the event and which tells some personal stories. So I just had to invite Surj in to tell me more not only about the event but also about his band, Space Between Us and the new EP. Surj himself has Aspergers and battles with anxiety, he’s also a great musician and an inspiration. You’re gonna be inspired by Surj and the project in many ways so sit back and enjoy!
Our guest tonight is the talented Cat Rhea, her voice packs a punch and she has a powerful story to match. Cat is not new to the music industry after being a signed artist but ending up very damaged from her experience, finding God pulled her through. Now, she begins a new chapter with her brand new single, Freedom Reigns which features Joshua Luke Smith. We get to know her on the podcast today.
It was 2016 when I last had my guest tonight on the show, her EP ‘The Process’ still remains one of my go-to relaxation and de-stress listens. She’s been busy on tour with the likes of Childish Gambino, Tom Odell and Kojey Radical and somehow she has still found time to record her own EP which has just released called ‘Woman’. I’m talking about the soulful songstress Liz Lubega and it’s a pleasure to have her back.