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This week Throne Room Family are our guests on the podcast. They are a brand new worship collective and Connor and Kate from the group will be joining us. We have in fact met Connor Patterson before when he’s been on the show in his own right as a jazz funk musician.  When he was last with us he spoke very bravely about losing his dad very suddenly and the impact it’s had on him and those who knew and loved his dad when he shared a song he’d written for him. Well his dad’s legacy continues as Throne room family actually started off as an idea to pay tribute to Connors father and ended up turning into a worship project and a new group. It’s inspiring to hear how God really does use all things together for good so enjoy.
This week our guest is Lydia Rose who we first met when she released her debut single, Cold back in 2017. Lydia is a singer songwriter based in London and she has just released her debut EP, Read it Slowly, this week! It’s always exciting when an artist releases a debut project. Lydia’s songs are beautiful and contain some wonderful stories so we’re going to enjoy finding out more about her inspiration behind the songs and her journey as an artist on the Podcast this week.
This week on the Unsigned podcast the wonderful Mariam is our guest. Mariam, a singer/songwriter and guitarist hailing from South London, combines her soulful vocals with a blend of pop, soul and folk with thought provoking lyrics that will get you thinking and bopping your head. A self-professed story-teller, an ability she credits to her Nigerian heritage, although she was born and raised in London, she has grown up in strong roots and culture. Mariam is also a member of the Kingdom Choir and is fresh from a U.S tour with them but has just released her first single for some time, it’s aptly named Long Time coming and is a collaboration with James O’Keefe.
Kemi Sulola is an artist born and raised in the heart of East London. Kemi’s music stems from a range of musical influences, from Neo-soul, Hip-hop RnB to Reggae and Jazz, all leading to a unique combination of authentic music. Although still young Kemi has been releasing music and performing for some years enjoying considerable success until three years ago she was suddenly struck down with a rare and serious health condition that meant she couldn’t walk for some time, experienced a lot of pain and her appearance dramatically changed. Kemi is only just beginning to talk about her condition and despite all she has gone through is still producing music and feels more determined than ever to shine her positive light in any way she can as she seeks healing from God. Kemi is a true inspiration so prepare to be challenged and inspired by this week’s episode.
This week Soulful Singer/songwriter from South London, Ruth-Ellen is our guest. Ruth-Ellen has not only been consistent in putting her own music out there but also champions other independent and emerging artists in her regularly live music night, ‘Ruth-Ellen and friends’. She released a new single, ‘Over the Wall’ just last month and it’s from her upcoming LP, Transit and we’ll be asking her about it all on the podcast today.
This week we meet a new artist – one of my favourite things. I was instantly impacted by the uniqueness of this artist’s voice and style of song-writing when I first came across it earlier this year and I’ve wanted her on the show ever since. Latifah Makuyi, is originally from South Africa. Born towards the end of Apartheid, she was the first mixed-race baby to be born in the hospital in the town where her parents lived. Now based in Sheffield in the U.K. Latifah released her debut EP, Eternal Gospel, back in May. Her first single, was an indie worship track called Strong In The Fire’, and the whole project was produced by Dan Stirling, who's known for his work with Rivers & Robots! Latifah is a talented, interesting and funny guest. You’re going to enjoy this episode.
This week we have our second rapper from Croydon in a row! The incredible Still Shadey only became a Christian less than 3 years ago and he’s wasted no time in making a mark musically for the Kingdom. His debut Album, Croydon Baby, has just come out and it’s a very generous 17 tracks worth of challenge, testimony and inspiration. Today we talk to him all about the rollercoaster ride he’s been on and his hopes for this latest project as well as his views on the youth violence epidemic in the UK and what the Church can do about it and the powerful part music plays.
Our guest on the Podcast today has had an incredible journey since his debut single release, wrestling, which was just last year. Marc Jones is a rapper from Croydon, South London and his growth has been steady and remarkable. Last week saw the release of his debut EP ‘Progress’ and progress is indeed what he has made.
This week we chat to a newly rebranded James Aaron. James, a member of the Kingdom Choir, is also a talented RnB/Soul singer in his own right based in London. We met him as James Francis a couple of years ago when he released his first single, Want it all. In this episode we find out what he’s been up to since then (having a baby and singing at a certain Royal wedding) and why the new name. Mostly though we’re celebrating the banger of a new single he’s releasing at the end of this month called ‘Feeling’.

This week we are in conversation with the wonderful Dinachi, hailing from Nigeria and now based in the U.K she blends elements of folk, Gospel and soul effortlessly in her story-telling music. Dinachi has released a beautiful new single just yesterday called, Lights Go Out that was written especially for a major Nollywood motion picture. We’ll be hearing about how her journey has progressed as an artist since we last had her on the show for her release of her album Parables in 2017 and of course we’ll play the stunning new track.