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Saturdays at 2.30pm
Unbelievable? engages in fundamental questions on Christianity with the intention to openly discuss different... More
Saturdays at 2pm
The Honourable Sir Jeremy Cooke and Ranti Williams present the show that helps you understand the law... More
Saturdays at 1pm
Marcus Jones looks back at the week's biggest news with a panel of guests. More
Saturdays at 8am
Join Craig Wakeling for three hours of music, competitions, guests and fun for the family! More
Weekdays and Saturdays at 12pm
Rick Easter starts your afternoon with the very best worship music, Bible readings and prayer. More
Saturdays at 4pm
An in-depth interview with a well known Christian speaker, author or public figure every Saturday af... More
Saturdays 7pm and Sundays 4.30pm
Insight for Living presented by Terry Boyle, offering you new insights for your walk with Jesus, every... More
Saturdays at 9pm
Unsigned is the show that seeks to give a platform to unknown Christian artists from all genres. We open... More
Saturdays at 8pm
Can fashion and faith can live together? The former Chief Operating Officer of the British Fashion Council,... More
Saturdays at 18:30pm
In five programmes for Lent we celebrate Jerusalem’s role in the record of God’s salvation gift in Jesus... More

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