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ShedTalk is a series of devotional thoughts and discussion programmes by men for men. Hosted by Carl Beech and friends their aim is to help men get to know Jesus better and bring their friends to faith.

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How does swearing in films affect you? Also Mac vs PC and starting a CVM mens group.
Big things on this week’s Shedtalk – how to plan your church talk, bad baby names and the thing everyone is talking about, favourite ice cream flavours, seriously! All on this week’s Shedtalk.
TV’s in bay windows, not for Nathan. The guys also talk about the best Christian book and how to train a dog. They go hand in hand, right?
On Shedtalk this week the guys talk about targeted advertising, new heaven or the new earth and top smartphone apps – plus the usual fun and games!
Big questions in this week’s podcast, which snack to choose with your coffee. Also big questions in this week’s Ask Beechy and all the usual fun and games.
With spring upon us, how do you dress? Tough one. Also the guys talk about accumulating rewards points and all the usual fun from The Shed.
With Easter having passed, how annoying is it when Easter eggs are less than half price? Also the usual Ask Beechy, Dispatches and the power of a written letter
The fellas chat Easter, obviously. We’ll look at the shops take on this season, the best chocolate and how Easter has significance for them. We’ll also have the usual dispatches, ask Beachy and pinchers music choice. Get strapped in!
Spring is here, the weather is better. Hooray! The guys also talk about what you can/can’t get away with on your passport photos and how can we chat about our faith when science is bought up.
Is fake news always fake and why does God sometimes heal and sometimes not, we’ll hear from Beechy as he tackles that tough but important question.