Billy Graham once referred to John Stott as “the most respected clergyman in the world.” In 2005, Time Magazine ranked him among the 100 most influential people in the world.

Today Stott’s incredible theological and practical insights are available to you in The Bible for Today with John Stott.

Giving you a fresh, clear, and true vision of the authentic Jesus, The Bible for Today balances high theology with practical Christian living in a way that compels every listener to soak in and live out the truth of God’s Word.

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John Stott shows that in a world of relativism there is absolute truth to be found in the Bible, and why the Bible can be seen to be completely infallible.
John Stott explains that God's love is shown to us by the action he took in giving the most valuable gift possible in the person of His son Jesus.
John Stott shows how that the cross of Christ is not only a deed done for us but a word spoken to us. The cross demonstrates God's love to us despite our being completely undeserving of it.
John Stott shows that although we have never seen Jesus, there were many who did when He was on earth. Some of those people wrote down eye-witness accounts of what they saw. Stott investigates some of these accounts.
John Stott investigates how the church went from being a handful of people that Jesus gathered around Him to the world-wide phenomenum it is today.

John Stott shows how it is sometimes possible to avoid 'speaking truth to power' if it means receiving less opposition. He explains that there must be steadfastness in adherence to what the Bible says regarless of the cost.
John Stott explains that while it is good to expect revival in the church, there are certain things that are necessary for this to happen. He shows that the church must firstly be healthy, and what constitutes a healthy church.
John Stott shows how that being faithful to the Bible can often result in the church facing opposition, and why we need to be steadfast in our belief in the Scriptures.

John Stott explains how the Bible came into existance and how God spoke to individual writers through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. John Stott shows why the Holy Bible and the Holy Spirit are inseperable.

John Stott shows us that there is a world of difference between knowing about Jesus and knowing Jesus personally, and how this can only happen by us opening our hearts to accept Christ as Saviour.