The Leadership File Podcast

Join Andy Peck for The Leadership File, featuring conversations with Christian leaders about their experiences of leadership. The show is aimed at leaders of churches, charities and companies.

The programme unpacks the many facets of Christian leadership through the lips of those who know the challenges and blessings of leadership. It's not about leadership theory, but leadership in the real world, as guests share their experience of learning from God as to how to lead within their situation.

The Leadership File aims to help leaders head for somewhere God honouring, taking their people with them.

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Steve Clifford General Director of Evangelical Alliance, and author of One, on helping leaders in their concern for unity
Senior Pastor of Grover Church, Atlanta Georgia, on his church which grew from 35 to 2500.
Senior Pastor of Community Bible Church Atlanta, Georgia on how his church became one of the fastest growing churches in the city.
Viva UK Doorsteps Network consultant talks about helping vulnerable children
The CPAS Patronage secretary on finding suitable leaders for 500 plus parishes
Director of Waverley Abbey College on government legislation.
Former Bible college principal looks at entrepreneurial leadership.
The founder of The Mark Drama, on 5 habits of deeply contented people.
The CEO of Upbeat Communities, Derby, on welcoming refugees and asylum seekers.
A pastoral chaplain at Holy Trinity, Brompton, London on emotional health.