Join Andy Peck for The Leadership File, featuring conversations with Christian leaders about their experiences of leadership. The show is aimed at leaders of churches, charities and companies.

The programme unpacks the many facets of Christian leadership through the lips of those who know the challenges and blessings of leadership. It's not about leadership theory, but leadership in the real world, as guests share their experience of learning from God as to how to lead within their situation.

The Leadership File aims to help leaders head for somewhere God honouring, taking their people with them.

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Andy Peck talks to Lynn Chetcuti of Natural Church Development UK on how to change a church culture
Lee Jackson, motivational speaker, on staying motivated as a leader for the long haul 
Andy Peck chats to Kevin Bennett, Premier C.O.O. (Marketing, Digital & Technology) ahead of the Premier Digital Conference.
Andy Peck chats to Charlie Ingram, the Baptist Minister on how music and the arts might impact on your local church.
Andy Peck chats to Charlie Ingram the senior pastor of Bessels Green Baptist Church on how sport helped him and can help you in your church leadership.
Andy Peck chats to Steve Campbell The C3 Church leader on the Global Leadership Summit in Cambridge and elsewhere.
The international speaker and author on her work using soft skills with leadership teams in the business and charity world.
The Christian Medical Fellowship’s Connections Manager, who formerly worked in community nursing, on the challenges of encouraging Christian nurses to stay connected.
Teacher of Tent Theology, on his travelling ministry bringing the academy to the local church.
Sharon Amesu, a Criminal Barrister turned Professional Speaker and Leadership Coach on developing ‘presence’ and empowering women.