Join Andy Peck for The Leadership File, featuring conversations with Christian leaders about their experiences of leadership. The show is aimed at leaders of churches, charities and companies.

The programme unpacks the many facets of Christian leadership through the lips of those who know the challenges and blessings of leadership. It's not about leadership theory, but leadership in the real world, as guests share their experience of learning from God as to how to lead within their situation.

The Leadership File aims to help leaders head for somewhere God honouring, taking their people with them.

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Jim Bryant and Kaitlin Miller on the Christian principles behind Chick-Fil-A, the US based fast food outlet.
Christopher Jones, the National Co-ordinator of the Agricultural Christian Fellowship (ACF) and founder and president of Farming Community Network (FCN) on how farmers can be supported.
David Muir, the kent Regional Director of Christian Aid on what response should the Church be making to needs for justice and economic well being.
A pastor looks at how the British Museum in London can help Christian leaders.
A dream to train 25-35s in Christian leadership is fulfilled.
The founder of the speak network on protest, prayer and leadership.
We may believe in a just society, but what exactly do we mean by economic justice?
How do you stay purposeful? The co-author of the power of purpose, explains why it's important whatever you lead.
The director of advocacy with the Evangelical Alliance, on what is meant by public leadership, and how we can use it wisely.
The founding director of Newbigin School for Urban Leadership on serving the poor in Winson Green Birmingham.