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Father's blessing

The outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Toronto 1994 has lead tp polarising views. Some questioned whether it was the Holy Spirit at all, others that it was mere hype and emotional froth. Books were written on whether this was really God. 

Many more went to check it out, with some five million attended over 12 years from 1994. It eventually led to a movement known as Catch the Fire, and in 2009, a church known as Catch the Fire, London was birthed in Wembley.

Stuart Glassborow founded the church with his wife Chloe under the oversight of John Arnott, the patriarch of the movement who was pastor of the church when the Holy Spirit had come in an unmistakable way back in 1994. Nearly 20 years on the Movement has become crystallised under four themes known by the acronym FIRE and Stu brought a fellow leader, Ed King to the Premier studios to talk about the ‘F’ in Fire, the Father heart of God. The movement has become convinced that God was wanting to remind us of his goodness as a Father. Indeed they prefer ‘Father’s blessing’ to the ‘Toronto Blessing – the moniker typically given it.

Sometimes it’s the simple truths that grab us. Every leader knows that a) God is depicted as a Father in Scripture, and b) that the Father loves us. This would be elementary teaching for any newcomer to the Faith. Stu and Ed related how this truth must become our default thinking whenever we think about God and especially when we lead in his name. How would things be different if we truly believed that the Father loved us no matter what, and that He is good and has all the resources we need to bless us? Just as a son or daughter reaches the age when they are free to help themselves to food around the house, so we get to enjoy the Father’s provision for everything we need. Didn’t Peter tell us that God has given us everything we need for life and godliness?(2 Peter 1:3) How much does ‘everything’ leave out? Nothing.

So as you prepare to speak, anticipate tricky meetings, think about the one to one conversations you need to have, remember you do so as a son or daughter of a loving heavenly Father who loves you to bits and wants the very best for you. He longs to be asked to get involved, delighting to make your life , the best and most fruitful that it can be.

Got it? That sounds like a blessing to me.

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