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Join Andy Peck for The Leadership Show, featuring conversations with Christian leaders about their experiences of leadership. The show is aimed at leaders of churches, charities and companies.

The programme unpacks the many facets of Christian leadership through the lips of those who know the challenges and blessings of leadership. It's not about leadership theory, but leadership in the real world, as guests share their experience of learning from God as to how to lead within their situation.

The Leadership Show aims to help leaders head for somewhere God honouring, taking their people with them.

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The youth leader who helps young people navigate life through developing mentoring relations, shares how you can mentor others
The director of Advocacy and Public Affairs of Open Doors UK shares the inspiration of the many church leaders worldwide who are persecuted for their faith.
Andy Peck talks to Marie Aitken. Her day job is with Alpha UK as Head of England, overseeing church engagement and relationship management for the country but she is also the founder of a growing online community for emerging female leaders called Girl Can Daily. With women's supposed 'emancipation' have things really changed very much?
A leader with the Global Leadership Network on how leadership thinking changed the church he was serving in British Columbia, Canada and how we can take leadership teaching and make it relevant anywhere in the world
Steve Addison believes an understand of the narrative of scripture inevitably leads leaders to be missional in their outlook and explores this in his new book: Your part in God’s Story: Genesis to Revelation in 40 days

Director of Share Jesus International, Andy Frost looks at how being a parent is a training ground for many in leadership and how his book, 52 Adventures for Dads and their kids can create much needed connection between Dads and their children. He also shares on the enormous legacy he received from his own father, Rob Frost.
David Heywood believes most churches don’t do a good job of equipping God’s people to serve him, and suggests a revolution is needed in the whole formation process, explored in his new book, Reimagining Ministerial Formation
The mumsnet phenomenon Carrie Longton tells Andy Peck how she started and sustained mumsnet with her co-founder and what leadership lessons there are in her journey.
Andy Peck talks with Marcus Honeysett, founder of Living Leadership on the power dynamic in leadership, and how to spot when we are wielding it inappropriately, ahead of Marcus’ new book on the topic
The former President of World Vision US tells Andy Peck about his career in leadership, why poverty needs the professionals and lessons from his new book Lead Like It Matters