Join Andy Peck for The Leadership Show, featuring conversations with Christian leaders about their experiences of leadership. The show is aimed at leaders of churches, charities and companies.

The programme unpacks the many facets of Christian leadership through the lips of those who know the challenges and blessings of leadership. It's not about leadership theory, but leadership in the real world, as guests share their experience of learning from God as to how to lead within their situation.

The Leadership Show aims to help leaders head for somewhere God honouring, taking their people with them.

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Communicating clearly Andy Peck finds out how Heather Thompson Day, associate professor of communications at Colorado Christian University prepares her talks and how we can be better communicators
What value might psychological tools have for you as a leader and for your teams? Andy Peck talks with Henry Ratter formerly of ICI, David Physick principal consultant of Glowinkowski International and Barry Wilson, archdeacon of Monmouth on wise practice in using psychological instruments
Andy Peck talks to Andy and Fiona Banes who head up Time for Marriage and discuss some ways in which Christian leaders can safeguard their marriage amidst the challenges of modern life
The trainer/facilitator on how to understand and navigate the conflict that’s bound to come your way
The CEO of Kintsugi Hope on how you can flourish amidst challenging circumstance, based on his book: ‘Bouncing Forwards: Notes on Resilience, Courage and Change’
The co-director of the Mind and Soul Foundation on the enormous emotional challenge of the pandemic for leaders and how to guard yourself against burnout
Andy Peck chats to Karen Kerridge headteacher at The Appleton School, Benfleet in Essex about the challenges of running a school as a Christian in a COVID year
The Texas based leader on the how she learned that God speaks in dreams and reaches some of the most 'hard to reach' by using dream interpretation as a doorway for the Gospel
The Anglican vicar and therapist on how Christians in leadership can better guard themselves against the kind of temptations faced by high profile Christian leaders such as Ravi Zacharias
The head of the Youth and Emerging Generation team at Tearfund on what to make of research suggesting the youth may be abandoning church because of climate issues