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Sundays at 9pm
The co-founder of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal helps us to live out our faith. More
Sundays at 5.30pm
Let the Bible Speak is the radio ministry of the Free Presbyterian Church. More
Sundays at 9.30pm
Colleen Carroll Campbell discusses social and political issues affecting Christians. More
What do Liverpool St Station, the River Cam and an Anglo-Saxon crypt in Yorkshire have in common? The... More
Sundays at 6am
A group of Bible teachers present the programme examining biblical truth, early every Sunday morning.... More
Sundays at 7pm
Simon Kingston meets authors of the latest Christian books to discuss their lives, stories and work. More
Sundays at 17:30pm
Enjoy some great worship music for your Sunday afternoon. More
Sundays at 5:30am
Producing Christian radio programmes for over 40 years, GNBA aims to teach believers to know and love... More

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