Each week Christian MP Tim Farron unpacks the murky world of politics and encourages believers around the UK to engage prayerfully.

Tim will share what life is like in Parliament, which issues Christians should care about and what you can do to make a difference.

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This week Tim Farron shares his views on the European Super League and asks Conservative MP Nick Fletcher, who left the church as a teenager, what made him come back to faith as an adult to become a born-again Christian. Nick's constituency of Don Valley was part of the crumbling 'Red Wall' - having been Labour since 1922 until he won it in 2019 - and he describes what it's like being a Tory in an area that has seen a huge political shift.

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Tim Farron chats to Jim Shannon, the DUP MP for Strangford in Northern Ireland. They discuss the incredible story of Jim being selected, the recent escalation of tensions in Belfast and what Jim prays for every day.

Tim also share his view on David Cameron's recent lobbying of Rishi Sunak and what the Bible has to say about it...
Tim Farron asks independent peer Lord David Alton how campaigning has led to him being sanctioned by China. David is a passionate advocate for religious freedom and has recently led a campaign to make sure the UK does not trade with countries found to have conducted genocide. The former Liberal MP explains that although his specific amendment didn't pass, a comprimised version did, and he says progress is incremental and more about right and wrong than left and right. He also explains how he nearly became the shortest serving MP ever and why he left the party.

Tim also argues that the Easter story is far less easy to sanitise than Christmas - but that it is the truth of the Cross that people need to hear right now.
Tim Farron asks Conservative MP Danny Kruger whether the Bible's plan for human flourishing should try to be advanced by Christian MPs or not. Are these morals for everyone or just those changed by the Holy Spirit? Danny believes there should be more support for marriage and that society should recognise that its values come from Christianity and explains his concept of a social covenant. He also describes how C.S. Lewis' writing helped bring him to faith.
Tim Farron asks business owner Gary Grant, who started The Entertainer toy chain, how he had to change his business model when he became a Christian and how he had to change it again when lockdown came. What does he think of the Government help offered to businesses and how has he managed to maintain his Christian principles of generosity in such a tough year for profits?
Tim Farron discusses Christian persecution with Fiona Bruce MP, the PM's new Special Envoy for Freedom of Religion or Belief and long advocate for religious freedom. Fiona explains how people can get involved in campaigning and how it has changed her role. She also shares how she became a Christian and why she doesn't always toe the Conservative party line.
Tim Farron discusses Scottish independence with SNP MP David Linden, a Christian friend on the opposite side of the debate. David, who joined the SNP aged 11, explains why he wants Scotland to leave the UK, how he became a Christian as a teenager and how he was treated differently in politics after his conversion, when he was previously seen as a 'rising star'.
Tim Farron and Labour MP Stephen Timms discuss how the church can help rebuild society post-Covid and how much churches should focus on social problems. Does the church's help deter the state from fixing the problems we pay it to solve?
Tim Farron asks Lord Don Curry, an independent peer in the House of Lords, whether he can vote however he wants as a Christian and the advantages and disadvantages of being a 'cross-bencher' without a political party. Don also describes how and why he applied to be in the House of Lords.

Tim also shares his perspective on the UK's treatment of asylum seekers and whether politics is helping the rich or the poor.

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Tim Farron discusses finding faith and student mental health with shadow universities minister Emma Hardy. Emma, a former teacher, explains how she became a Labour MP and how she found faith after walking into a church on a frazzled day. Tim also says what he thinks about Bishops in the House of Lords and the EU/UK row over the Astra Zeneca vaccine. If you've got opinions, feedback, topic ideas for the show or would like to ask Tim a question, email farron@premier.org.uk