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Tom Wright is one of the world’s leading New Testament scholars and the author of many academic and lay level books including Surprised by HopeThe Day The Revolution Began and Paul: A Biography.

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In a special episode Tom answers questions sent in by members of the NT Wright discussion group on Facebook about heaven, souls and Torah.

Tom and Justin also look ahead to 2 special events: Tom’s forthcoming Big Conversation with Douglas Murray on 13th May and Unbelievable? The Conference on 15th May
Tom tackles questions on whether Jesus could have been incarnated as a woman instead of a man, how you explain polygamy in scripture, and the question of Biblical commands about men and women speaking in church.
Will we keep our memories in heaven? How does the Isaiah 65 prophecy of a new world fit in with Tom’s eschatology? My girlfriend is a Christian but says she doesn’t want to get baptised – what should I do? Plus Tom gets interrupted by a young visitor!
How do you explain the gospel to someone who thinks they haven’t done anything needing forgiveness? How do we answer those who say Christianity is irrelevant? How do we help those who believe but don’t live out their faith?
Does Tom believe in 6-day creation? When did the first humans ‘made in God’s image’ appear? These and other questions on creation and evolution are tackled by Tom.
Tom responds to questions on why the Roman Catholic bible includes more books than Protestant versions, what he makes of the Eastern Orthodox tradition and a listener who is thinking of ‘crossing the Tiber’.

There’s also a sneak preview of our forthcoming CS Lewis podcast with Alister McGrath.
Is fasting a practice that Christians should take up? How does Tom balance work and rest? Has Sunday worship become just a musical event? Tom answers listener questions on Christian practices.
Tom responds to listeners concerned about recent scandals among Christian leaders. Is restoration possible or appropriate? What does the Bible tell us about leadership, authority and accountability?
Tom answers listener questions around if we should eat meat, whether we’ll all be vegan in the new creation and if violent protest is ever acceptable.
Tom answers listener questions on the prevalence of conspiracy theories, US church support for Trump and the failed prophecies of his returning to power.