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Day 23 - Issue 14

Psalm 57:2 NLT

I cry out to God Most High, to God who will fulfill his purpose for me.

Many years ago, we had someone we knew arrive on our doorstep in the early evening in a desperate state. She was seven months pregnant and had just been told by her husband that he was leaving her for someone else. Both Christians, and in church leadership…Christianity doesn’t prevent us from experiencing life’s acute pain and distress!

The relief to discover that the Oratory might afford her a safe refuge was palpable. Yet, that was an immediate emotion that swiftly passed. Having found refuge, she now had the space to reflect upon the agonies of her own circumstances. Abandoned, a baby about to be born, no roof and no income. The weight overwhelmed her, while former wounds were reopened: her husband’s former infidelity, a previous stillbirth. Refuge while affording physical safety and security created time and opportunity to dwell upon the harsh realities of life past and present.

Life is rough. We can complain as much as we like, yet this changes nothing. Best to acknowledge we enjoy no special privileges that deliver us from pain during our earthly existence. Jesus is no talisman offering good fortune. Rather, One who calls us to follow and discover the reality of both God and our own self. I often feel incensed that God would allow something into my life when I believe I have been a faithful servant and deserve better. Such anger changes nothing.

Following Jesus is primarily about discovering who I am, my place in the world and my capacity both to be known by and to personally know God. This is the God who is first cause – there is nothing outside of God, and final end – ultimately I will find myself face to face with my creator, with eternity stretching out in front of me. With the psalmist I ‘cry out’ to God, in recognition that all that I am is directed towards expressing the God-life.

Only as I find and choose to embrace God in each and every situation will I enter into rest for my soul and fullness of life.

QUESTION: Are you carrying frustration, pain or disappointment with how life has gone for you? Take time to talk to God about this.

PRAYER: O Jesus, would you fulfil your purposes in my life? I submit to your will today. 

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