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Day 3 - Issue 15

Psalm 39:12 (NLT)

‘Hear my prayer, O Lord listen to my cries for help! Don’t ignore my tears. For I am your guest -  a traveller passing through, as my ancestors were before me.’

Life's a journey, or series of journeys. Not all carry us to a good place, sometimes through misadventure, at others, through pure selfish disobedience. As my professional Christian career took shape, I chose to believe much of the reality into which I was introduced. I enjoyed swanning around the Palace of Westminster. I seemed to grow in stature within when invited to hold forth from multiple platforms. Even the good I did such as facilitating the adoption of two Vietnamese refugee children washed up in Hong Kong, I abused by turning the story into a testimony demonstrating my own holy goodness. The hypocrisy and shallowness continues to haunt me in my quieter moments.

It is good to recall that I am no more than a stranger to this life, and yet I so quickly seek to make my peace with it and create a home within it. When I do so it is as if I walk out of the Promised Land and settle once more into Egypt and servitude. I need also to remember that I am forever just passing through - I am a visitor whose real home is with God, currently through faith, ultimately in substantive reality.

So recently I’ve found myself facing questions about the degree to which I am invested in this current world. I have needed to dis-invest in many ways. My confidence has had to shift from what’s marketed as the successful life and find fresh investment in God’s promise. This awakens many fears so in all honesty there have been nights when I haven’t slept. Instead in a panicked voice I call out, ‘Listen to me, hear me, observe my tears, Lord’. I don’t find peace immediately, sometimes not at all, and yet I make my declaration as assuredly as someone else might deposit another sum into their savings account.

QUESTION: Where do you need to dis-invest in order to invest into the things of God?

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, it’s not easy to seek first the kingdom of God all the time. Yet that is what you asked us to do. Help me do so today. 

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