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Day 34 - Issue 14

Hebrews 12:2a NLT

We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith.

Today, as with the last two days, we continue to fix our eyes on Jesus. Learning both to stop and to focus upon Christ alone are tough challenges. I am forever flitting here and there within my head, if not with my whole physical frame. No sooner have I sat to consider Christ, then I am reminded of many an outstanding task. It takes great effort on my part not to rise to my feet and deal with it there and then. I have also found that there is some strange sense of achievement that accrues when I do address something the moment it comes to mind.

Recently, my lovely mum has moved into the Oratory with us. What I’d noticed historically, I have observed closely since the move. That is, if a letter arrives requiring something, or she is reminded of some necessary task, she cannot really rest until that task is completed. At times this means she is up and down from her chair several times an hour. This is quite exhausting, and of course where she needs assistance to achieve an outcome, she is a measure stressed if her request is not attended to immediately.

I long ago recognised the same behaviour within myself. If something came to mind, I found it very difficult to rest until I had dealt with it. If something disturbed my sleep, I would lie awake worrying about it throughout the early hours of the day. A complete waste of worry time, since I was unable to effect any solution until the following working day. This is one experience that led me to work upon my meditation of God, and I have come to rest in the reality of what is, rather than fret about that which is not.

Learning to live in the present moment is an art that Jesus demonstrates throughout his earthly ministry, and lies behind his injunction to take no thought for tomorrow.

QUESTION: Are you able to remain present in the moment or are you easily distracted? 

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, you said that worry was fruitless and pointless. Help me to trust you with all the things I worry about.

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