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Felicity Knight was widowed in December 2018 when her husband Peter, a Methodist minister, died from... More
Adrian Nottingham is involved in local politics as a councillor.Later this year he will assume the responsibilities... More
PHIL NORRIS is the Team Leader of Basingstoke Community Churches. He’s also an executive member for King’s... More
Michael Emmett grew up wanting nothing more than to follow in his dad s footsteps and join the family... More
Carl Brettle lives in south Wales with his wife Rebekah and 7 year old son Reuben. Throughout his 28... More
On Tuesday 6th June 1944, Harry Read, a 20 year old wireless operator parachuted into Normandy with a... More
Anthony Delaney spent ten years as a police officer working in a tough inner-city area of Manchester,... More
Andrew Grinnell has been involved in developing responses to poverty for over 20 years. He is a facilitator... More
Dr Delroy Hall is a counselor with over thirty years’ experience in a variety of settings. He is also... More