A CEO with no GCSE or A LEVELS

Sunday 23rd August 2020 - 12:42 pm

Imagine a CEO with no GCSE or A LEVELS. Andrew Philips spoke with Gareth Sorsby, YMCA Exeter Joint CEOGareth Sorsby, YMCA Exeter Joint CEO - Age: 36

  • Left school at 15 and worked as a cleaner in a hotel in Manchester. 
  • Didn't do G.C.S.E's or A.levels
  • Moved with family to Cornwall and picked up bar work at the 4* Headland Hotel in Newquay. 
  • Gradually worked his way up to General Manager at Headland Hotel - at 25 he was managing 130 staff. 
  • Moved to YMCA at 26 and started helping young people and ex-offenders into employment through a jobs club. "From that moment felt an incredible sense of purpose using my skills."
  • Believes strongly in early intervention, importance of youth work programmes 
  • Became Joint CEO in 2017, at age of 33. 

Andrew spoke to Gareth from https://www.ymcaexeter.org.uk/

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