Has the pandemic shattered your plans for the future?

Friday 30th October 2020 - 01:44 pm

Do you need to reboot your career or ministry? Or maybe you just have that sense that it is time God opened a new door for you? Talent development expert, Andrea Pattico, has taken her Christian faith into the secular workplace, working initially in Universal Studios and General Electric then progressing to become Head of Talent and Development for Moneysupermarket.com and Chief People Officer for Marketing VF Ltd., which then became ‘Sunday Times Best Company to work for’. She is also a trustee of the Christian charity, Stewardship. Wherever she goes, Andrea seeks to bring Christian values to reshape culture and to ‘find the gold in everyone’, helping each member of the team to discover their passions and develop their careers.  

Andrea talked to Premier’s Rev David Senior about how we can reboot our careers at any stage in life and find the roles for which God has prepared us, and offered a wealth of practical advice. David started by asking Andrea to share an instance in her life when God was clearly shaping her career and leading her into a new opportunity.  

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