Spotting people's potential and giving them time

Sunday 23rd August 2020 - 12:51 pm

Andrew Phillips spoke with Joint CEO Si Johns from YMCA EXTER whose job is to "Spot people's potential and give them time"Si John's, YMCA Exeter Joint CEO Age: 44

  • Finished school and went into youthwork. 
  • At 21, trained in social work and worked in children's home with young offenders. 
  • Experienced unemployment and benefits
  • 2002, joined YMCA Exeter as Assistant Housing Manager. 
  • Supported over 1,000 young people - helping them overcome homelessness and debt. 
  • Now an expert in the benefits system, tribunals, disability training 
  • "My work is all about spotting people's potential and giving them the time they need to move on."
  • Became Joint CEO in 2017, at age of 41.


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