Tuesday 15th September 2020 - 02:12 pm

In Prison but is there any hope? Roy Crowne thinks there is. Andrew Philips spoke with Roy about HOPE TOGETHER in PRISON

From the Website "HOPE Together is a catalyst bringing churches together to transform communities in villages, towns and cities. Our vision is a praying, growing Church, that makes Jesus known together with words and action. Mission Champions are our link to local churches and HOPE Practitioners bring groups of churches together to make Jesus known,

A few simple principles sum up HOPE Together’s ethos:

  • demonstrating God’s love as local churches work together, meeting needs in our communities
  • continuing to love and serve people whatever they choose to believe
  • inviting people to become followers of Jesus by sharing the gospel with words in culturally relevant ways
  • giving people opportunities to respond to the gospel, then connecting people who do respond into church life"

RESOURCE - https://www.hopetogether.org.uk/

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