Live out the justice and mercy of God to the neediest

Friday 4th September 2020 - 01:01 pm

Equip yourself and your Church with practical ways to enable your day to day lifestyle to reflect the Biblical calling to live justly and to care for those most in need. Christians across the UK and around the world are increasingly convinced that to be a follower of Christ is to live out the justice and mercy of God to the neediest in our midst. A Call to Act provides practical advice and solutions, and insight understand what the Bible teaches about those most in need in our society (and around the world), and how the Church can help.

Martin lives in Shrewsbury in the UK where he is on the leadership team of Barnabas Community Church. He heads up Jubilee+ ( which seeks to equip churches through capacity building in their social engagement. He is also involved in a variety of church-based leadership training programmes.

Martin also enjoys his multi-generational family, a variety of sports and the natural world.

Every Action Can Make a Difference

In recent years churches have rediscovered the centrality of concern about poverty to the gospel of Christ. Yet we can still so easily fall into the trap of adding social action into our lives as an optional extra when convenient, rather than letting the heart of Jesus for justice for those in poverty affect every area of our lives and our discipleship.

A practical tool for churches and small groups, and incorporating discussion questions and accompanying videos, A Call to Act demonstrates that, in order to engage with poverty and need, we must re-evaluate our own attitudes and adopt a poverty-busting lifestyle.

There are undoubted challenges to embracing a life of simplicity but these are broken down into ideas for action. Whether getting up close to poverty, rejecting comfort in favour of compassion, or living with a more poverty-focused lifestyle, churches and individuals will be empowered to live out Jesus’ principles of justice, mercy, and the care of creation within their own communities and the wider world.

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