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Christians pour into Jerusalem's 'Upper Room' on Maundy Thursday

Hundreds of Christians joined a Maundy Thursday church service of prayer and liturgy staged in a part of Jerusalem where some believers think the Last Supper was held.

Those making a pilgrimage to Israel from various countries around the world joined local Franciscan clergy by packing into the Cenacle - or Upper Room - to remember the final meal Jesus ate with the Twelve Disciples prior to his Crucifixion.


Several children from the parish were selected to have their feet washed by Catholic leaders during the ceremony, offering a visual illustration of accounts in the Gospels detailing how Jesus ministered to his closest followers shortly before his death - and how He urged the disciples to love one another.

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Outside the Cenacle, people jostled to an opportunity to enter, while workers posted at the doors enacted a strict one-person-in-one-person-out policy to prevent those inside from becoming squashed.


The ceremony, which has become an annual tradition, was proceeded by a procession through the Old City of Jerusalem that started at the monastery where many local Franciscans are based, the Monastery of St Saviour.

Part of the King David's Tomb compound, which is open to visitors seven days-per-week, the Cenacle is currently under Jewish jurisdiction and the yearly Maundy Thursday church service is one of only a few Christian ceremonies held inside.


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