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The crucifixion of Jesus is remembered in Jerusalem

The crucifixion of Jesus was marked in Jerusalem on Good Friday when thousands of Christians attended a service held at a church considered by some believers to be where Jesus died and was buried.

Travelling to Israel from a variety of nations across the globe, pilgrims poured into the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Christian Quarter of the Old City last night - many arriving hours in advance to try and secure a good view of the proceedings.

A crucified figurine representing Jesus on the cross was carried into the landmark during a candlelit Funeral Procession led by Franciscan priests, while the service culminated with the model being taken down from the cross and 'prepared' for burial.


One woman who arrived at the fourth century landmark eight hours before the service told Premier: "I feel peaceful [here].

"It is our religious peace, it is a holy peace, so I like very much to stay here.

"We came at 12pm in the afternoon and still we are here."

Onlookers stood in silence as a hammer was used to remove each nail holding Jesus' body before the figure was gently lowered, wrapped in cloth and moved to another part of the church where perfume and aromatic herbs were applied.


A man who travelled to Jerusalem from South Korea said to Premier: "When I come here, I feel very near to Jesus; my mind feels the love of Jesus."

Another woman attendee added: "Tonight is Good Friday, it is here that Jesus Christ died.

"Because of this, I will come is a holy land I will come to pray.

"The Holy Spirit will come into our lives [here]."

Reflecting the international range of visitors to the Funeral Procession, Bible passages documenting Jesus' final hours prior to his crucifixion were read in languages including English, French, German and Arabic.

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