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"Don't wait till you crash" Simon Thomas' tips for looking out for your own wellbeing

Tuesday 12th January 2021 - 09:45 am

Do you sometimes feel you are just running on empty? Particularly in this season when you might be working from home, looking after an elderly family member or neighbor, while managing home schooling or while grieving a loved one. How do you make sure you're also looking after yourself?

A new video course for churches aims to help with this. It's called The Wellbeing Journey and aims to help us fill up the tanks in all areas of our lives - Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, etc. It is presented by Simon Thomas  from Sky Sports and of course Blue Peter and Joanna Abeyinka

It's the brainchild of Dave Smith who has been the senior pastor at Kingsgate Church in Peterborough for over 30 years.

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