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The first step to Taming Your Boss with David Griffith-Sackey!

Thursday 10th January 2019 - 10:08 am

For many of us, the New Year is a time to take stock of our working life; to think of making a change to our jobs or set other career goals. If that’s you, our guest today might be able to help.

David Griffith-Sackey is a business consultant and trainer at Dale Carnegie who focuses on improving business performance by transforming our attitudes, behaviours and skills.

His new book titled “Tame Your Boss” focuses on how to take control of your life and unleash the power within you to transform the key areas of your life, including your finances, so you can enjoy a balanced and prosperous whole life, leading to greater fulfilment and greater happiness.

He joined John Pantry and Craig Wakeling in the studio to talk about the principles outlined in his book, ‘Tame Your Boss’ on Inspirational Breakfast.

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