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Survived Heroin, Survived Most of Life Threw at Me.. but i was broken.

Survived Heroin, Survived Most of Life Threw at Me.. but i was broken.

Taming of a Villain- A message of Hope, tells the dramatic life story of Allen Langham, a former career criminal, who at the brink of suicide had a dramatic encounter with God in a prison cell and became a committed Christian that day.

Allen, a former professional Rugby League player was born in Doncaster, United Kingdom. Came from a background with an absent father and sudden death of his mother, raised by his elder siblings and involved with the criminal underworld from 15 years of age.

The former hard man had a string of prison sentences spanning over a 20 year period before his conversion to Christianity subsequently reaching out to those in life on the fringe of society who are deemed without Hope.

This rollercoaster story of abuse, violence, prisons, bereavement, professional sports and Christianity is a must read for anyone who enjoys real life stories or works with those in the darkest of places.

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