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Today it’s the Epiphany, but what is it and should Christians celebrate it? We’ll be joined by Sharon... More
Our Dream Team is back!  Dreams are one of the most overlooked forms of communication used by God. He... More
It's Give Thanks Friday. God wants us to have joy in the midst of our ordinary everyday life, even when... More
It’s New Year’s Day. So you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to read the Bible more. The Bible is multi-layered... More
Tonight thousands of revellers will be ringing out the old year and ringing in the new. They’ll be parties,... More
Do you sometimes wish you had a professor in your pocket who could help you make a case for God in those... More
If you’ve always meant to read the WHOLE Bible but have never got round to it, tune in to hear Pastor... More
It’s become a Premier Christian Radio tradition to herald in Christmas Day with John Pantry. He’ll be... More
Esther will be chatting to one of the UK's most popular TV dads, thanks to his role as beleaguered father... More
On the show today Esther and John will be crossing live to Sierra Leone to chat to Christian GP, Dr Sam... More

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