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Church urged to be an agent of change when it comes to older people... Craig and Rachel  More
Find out just how God by using Christian Aid has made that difference. John Craig and Rachel talk to... More
Becky Denharder has a some ideas to put on YOUR KITCHEN TABLE. Behind this is Care for the Family. Listen... More
Steve Legg, comedian, Illusionist, Escapologist and Evangelist. He’s put together a great collection... More
No one person can do everything but every one of us can do something! So what can we do?? We spoke UK... More
So currently Richard Smart from London City Walks in aid of the Salvation Army Modern Slavery and Anti-trafficking... More
Take Spring Harvest and have a taste locally of what it has on offer. Rachel spoke to Abby Guinness who... More
On the line now is Andrew Heath, Head of Communications from the charity Practical Action UK Andy has... More
Taming of a Villain- A message of Hope, tells the dramatic life story of Allen Langham, a former career... More
Allen Langham has written the story of his life called:  Taming of a Villain- A message of Hope.  Allen... More

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