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So what does Jerusalem actually mean? It’s a controversial hymn and has been chosen as the Team GB song... More
According to the European’s Young Adults and Religion report from St Mary’s University, only 7% of young... More
On Friday 15th September, a terroist bomb exploded on a London tube heading for the city centre. On that... More
For how long should you know someone before popping the question or agreeing to be their spouse? Nicky... More
To celebrate International Women’s Day, John and Rosie are joined on the phone by Rt Rev Bishop Sarah... More
How do we go about building a community with those around us? How can we support people trying to engineer... More
How can I tell? Mark Greene, Executive Director of the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity,... More
Media and Bible expert, Tony Watkins joined us on IB to give us his take on this years Oscars; looking... More
John and Rosie have been speaking with committed Christian and part to the Team GB bobsleigh team, Toby... More
In the wake of news that Dr Billy Graham died at the age of 99, fellow evangelist Canon J.John spoke... More

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