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Last on: Friday 21 Sep 7:00 am

8 in 10 of us wouldn’t recognise our neighbours in a police lineup, could you?

Tuesday 10th July 2018 - 11:32 am

Blogger and writer for Premier Christian Magazine, Tim Bechervaise joins John Pantry and Rosie Wright in the studio to talk all things neighbours and neighbourhood. Tim’s recent article, titled ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ talks about how social media has decreased our genuine relationship building with people and how we’ve created relationships online. Tim also talks about the differences between built up areas and cities having less of a friendly atmosphere, with the pace of life being significantly quicker. In addition, Tim also talks about his top tips for being a more godly neighbour as well as how the suburb of Boscombe, Bournemouth was transformed through the raising of the profile of the church. 

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