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Are expensive price-tags stopping marriage in young people?

Tuesday 14th May 2019 - 02:59 pm

A new report from Marriage Foundation shows that the risk of divorce for a couple marrying today is the lowest it has been since the 1960.

This means that young couples marrying today have a similar risk of divorce as their grandparents did – and that overall they are statistically more likely to stay together than their parents.

This is welcomed good news, however  the rise of  lasting marriages does not seem to be affecting the growing cost of weddings, averaging just over £30,000

One man who is helping couples buck the trend is Rev Mike Smith who is offering couples an all-inclusive church wedding and reception - with all the trimmings for just £1000. Rev Mike spoke to John Pantry on Inspirational Breakfast about how their initiative has helped and whether they have any space for bookings in 2021!!”

Lucy, the Andy and Fiona interview is the one for Ignite! I’ll copy you into these emails in future so you always have content

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