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Bad Habits Holy Orders

Thursday 19th October 2017 - 11:27 am

In an reality TV first, cameras have gone inside a Convent for a fly on the wall documentary “Bad Habits Holy Orders” which airs tonight on Channel 5..

The Daughters of Divine Charity Convent, tucked away in rural Norfolk is home to resident nuns some of whom are so cut off from the modern world that the last time some of them lived among us, flared trousers and tank tops were in fashion and The Beatles topped the charts.

How, then, would these nuns handle the arrival of their new house guests, a gaggle of 5 brash young women, boasting tattoos and piercings who were more usually found stumbling drunkenly around nightclubs ? COULD the sisters make a difference in the lives of these wild party animals?

To find out what happened, Rosie Wright went to check in with this sisters who looked after them and met them for lunch where they had set up a rather fun alternative to Nandos…  

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