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Last on: Tuesday 26 Sep 7:00 am

Does Social Media Encourage Narcissism?

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If you have a thought you’d like to share, it’s no longer necessary to wait: Post it to Facebook or Twitter, and an audience is yours in an instant. Is this ability making us narcissistic? And what does Jesus make of it?

The Me-Man is everywhere. And so is the Me-Woman. They are the millions of men and women from every class, age and profession who want to talk about themselves, expose themselves, and promote themselves in glorious and often gory detail. They blog and bleat and tweet and text you all the time. The medium may vary, but the message is always the same: Me. Me, Me, Me! But the me-centered world of social media is clearly at odds with the Biblical call to humility and selflessness.

When so much about social media panders to pride and shameless self-exaltation, believers need to think about their motives before they jump on the bandwagon. If the goal is simply popularity or personal promotion, it’s time to do a heart check. Our celebrity-driven culture craves for notoriety. But Christians are called to be different. We have died to ourselves. Thus, our concern should not be, “How many people can I get to follow me?” but rather, “How can I bear witness to the wonder of following Christ?”

We spoke to GARETH CHEESMAN from the Esteem Resource Network and to RUTH JACKSON, Deputy Editor of Premier Youth work and Premier ChildrensWork Magazines and Head of Youth Apologetics.  And we asked them: How should we be navigating social media to ensure we don’t get pulled into being narcissistic and self-obsessed?

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