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Last on: Friday 22 Mar 7:00 am

Does change bring fear, anxiety or stress to your life?

Monday 9th July 2018 - 11:25 am

Joining John Pantry and Rosie Wright on the show this is associate minister at St. Aldates, Oxford and author of new book Borderlands: Navigating the Adventure of Spiritual Growth, Mark Brickman. We ask Mark how to navigate feelings of anxiety and stress with the help of scripture and bible knowledge. Mark helps us define what Borderlands means to him in today’s society as well as answering the question of how to move through the difficult times called Borderlands. Mark also talks how Jesus’ rising and ascension in the scriptures can help us in the current day to navigate to through the present and that in order to get through difficult phases, we must move together in groups so that unfinished business can be combated together.

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