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Last on: Wednesday 03 Jun 7:00 am

How years of abuse led to PTSD over 40 years later

Wednesday 15th May 2019 - 10:49 am

A disclaimer that if you have young people listening, use your discretion as to whether they should continue listening -  as we explore the sensitive topic of child abuse.

This week is National Marriage Week and Mental Health Awareness Week - and for some of us the two issues are as relevant to battles in our personal lives.

Robert Stevens knows this all too well - on the surface he was a successful church leader with decades of experience , married, with a stable career - however within, Robert was still reeling from traumatic experiences from his childhood dating back over 40 years.

Craig Wakeling and John Pantry spoke with him recently for Inspirational Breakfast - and began by asking Robert if he could tell us how he came to be a victim of abuse and if he ever felt any anger towards God for what happened to him

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