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Australian author and teacher Chris Cipollone joins us in the studio to discuss how crippling anxiety... More
Does prayer really have the power to transform? A wave of prayer galvanising Christians across the world... More
Are you still carrying around the sins of your past, which could potentially be getting in the way of... More
It seems as though passages in the bible state that women in are not able to hold leading positions within... More
Recently, we learnt that knife crime rose by 22 per cent across England and Wales in 2017. How can the... More
Since the 1930s, conventional wisdom among researchers has been that marriage tends to start off looking... More
Hillsong Church is known around the world for their worship music, conferences, multiple service locations... More
Lyn had the life support of her toddler turned off after he suffered brain damage. She shares her story... More
So what does Jerusalem actually mean? It’s a controversial hymn and has been chosen as the Team GB song... More
According to the European’s Young Adults and Religion report from St Mary’s University, only 7% of young... More

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