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In an reality TV first, cameras have gone inside a Convent for a fly on the wall documentary “Bad Habits... More
This month marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. And all through this month on Premier we are... More
Associate Professor of Historical Theology & Curator of the Spurgeon Library, Christian George joined... More
Are inmates victims as much as they are offenders when it comes to mental health?This morning we’re asking... More
Is it more difficult to be a Christian if you have a large sum in the bank? The former Bishop of Bristol... More
On Your Call we were asking  what impact our bank balance has on our spiritual life. We heard from Dom... More
Martin Stone, founder of 'Next Meal' discusses how we as Christians should respond to the homeless. More
Rev Mike Long from Nottingham Hill Methodist Church,  on the inquiry into what happened at Grenfell... More
Christian and author, Sipho Bayeto, joins the programme to talk books for young readers. More
Minister and author, Jo Naughton, on what we can learn from the story of Joseph. More

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