Comedic curate: English churches are unintentionally 'hilarious'

A Bristol curate speaking at the 2018 New Wine conference in Somerset has shared his aspiration to pursue a career performing stand-up in comedy clubs while wearing a clerical collar.

Rev John White, who led Bible teaching at the Hungry venue alongside Trinity College's Dr Emma Inesone, said he thought it was "hilarious" how so many things accepted as normal behaviour within churches are "actually really weird".

The assistant clergyman from St Mary's Bishop Stoke church in Bristol highlighted the examples of two people accidentally speaking over one another during a prayer meeting or copious discussions about the colour of church furnishings.


Comedians and musicians understand the prevailing zeitgeist. They "capture the vibe of the moment", Rev White said during an interview with Premier, while there is room for "a lot of laughter to be injected into churches".

Rev White, who particularly enjoys observational humour, says he sees comedy as a gospel opportunity, given him the ability to strike up faith conversations with people who would not usually be seen in church.

Click hear to listen to Premier's Alex Williams speaking with Rev John White at the 2018 New Wine conference at the Royal Bath & West Showground near Shepton Mallet in Somerset:

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