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Have you been praying for something, and feel like your prayer is not being listened to?  More

Why are we more interested in Brangelina than what’s happening in Aleppo?  More

Ahead of the Rio Olympics opening ceremony, Rosie challenges Jonny Reid from Christians in Sport to a game of "radio studio volleyball"... More

Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, says don’t leave Evangelism to the professionals. He spoke to John and Rosie on Inspirational Breakfast on Premier Christian Radio.  More

Christian faith and contemporary fashion?! The “Red Carpet Curate” Rev Peterson Feital features on glitzy film and theatrical premiers but this week was on Inspirational Breakfast.  More

How a strong dose of tough love helped this middle class homeless teenagerKicked out, on the street, with just a suitcase and a sleeping bag. Not where you would expect a well brought up middle-class teenager... More

The "Impossible" Steve Price leaves Rosie speechless on Inspirational Breakfast! More

Professional Magician the “Impossible” Steve Price performs an elaborate card trick live on-air on the Inspirational Breakfast show! More

Reverend Steve Chalke MBE talks about how we can tackle the age-old problem of extremism with his theory of “positive radicalisation” Kick start your day and join John Pantry and Rosie Wright every weekday... More

Expect the unexpected. A caller gives the Inspirational breakfast team quite a surprising answer to a competition question. More

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