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It’s exactly forty-one days until Christmas, I wonder how many invitations you’ve received to Christmas... More
A few decades ago blogging was almost unheard of, but today blogs provide a great platform from educating... More
How do you seek to bless your city, town or village?In Peterborough one of the things they’ve done is... More
She's a singer, composer, Grammy-award nominee, award-winning actress, and only child of Dr. NINA SIMONE, LISA... More
Jane Whitfield speaks about the importance of making a will  More
LOUISE CAMPION is a singer-songwriter, originally from South Africa, but now based in London. More
THE BRILLIANCE is US indie acoustic-electronic band fronted by songwriter DAVID GUNGOR and composer JOHN... More
There are many sounds that we use to express our worship to God.JUNIOR GARR is a singer-songwriter who... More
Born in Japan to OMF missionaries, NATHANAEL AYLING grew up munching on seaweed, scoffing sushi and learning... More
After graduating from university, most students take a few months to recuperate from years of assignments... More

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