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What is your favourite bible scripture? Could you recite it word for word from memory? With good intentions,... More
Commuters at Paddington station were blessed by PRASHANT and MADHURI KULKARNI accompanied by other indian... More
Imagine a single incident changing your life forever.For two newly weds, that's exactly what happened,... More
The Christian faith promises joy, courage and freedom but this isn’t without trials.The bible is full... More
Dr FLORENCE MUINDI is considered a forerunner in the ministry of community development.A native to Kenya,... More
Sunday 17th November was the first ‘Neighbour Sunday’, a new initiative from the Neighbourhood Prayer... More
It’s exactly forty-one days until Christmas, I wonder how many invitations you’ve received to Christmas... More
A few decades ago blogging was almost unheard of, but today blogs provide a great platform from educating... More
How do you seek to bless your city, town or village?In Peterborough one of the things they’ve done is... More
She's a singer, composer, Grammy-award nominee, award-winning actress, and only child of Dr. NINA SIMONE, LISA... More

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