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Politics Today

Premier's political editor, Martyn Eden, looks at what is happening in the corridors of power through a Christian perspective.

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In the week when 25% of Italians voted for a comedian in their General election one might expect more humour in politics, but not at Westmin... More

It goes without saying that Jesus was not a politician in the sense that we understand the word but there is no doubt that his life and teaching... More

You may think that my question relates to Egypt, or those nations where dictators fix elections to give themselves the appearance of credibility... More

Sorry there was no blog last week, I was on holiday. For me that means no computers but I was not idle. I was reading Tom Wright’s challenging... More

A cross-party group of MPs chaired by Claire Perry has campaigned for internet safety, to protect children from exposure to online pornograp... More

This week saw the publication of an interim report from the Airports Commission. This was established in 2012 to review UK airport capacity and... More

One of the measures adopted by the Coalition Government to reduce public expenditure and cut the deficit is means testing Child Benefit as from... More

Several news stories this week provoked questions about how the noble ideals of democracy are worked out in practice. More

Prime Minister’s Questions bring out the worst in MPs. The leaders mock each other as their backbenchers jeer. They treat PMQs as a pre-election... More

This week the House of Commons finalises its scrutiny of the High Speed Rail (Preparation) Bill which authorises expenditure on purchasing land... More

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