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Last on: Thursday 09 Jul 6:00 am

Dr. David Jeremiah says it’s like spiritual jumper cables you can use to give people a boost when they... More
Life can be hard. Fortunately, we weren’t meant to go through it alone. Tuesday on Turning Point, Dr.... More
If you only turn to your favourite songs during good times, you’re missing half the power of musical... More
If you think you’re at the end of your rope, you’ll be encouraged by someone who knew that feeling well:... More
Nothing brings hope to the hopeless like a personal encounter with Christ. Thursday on Turning Point,... More
As Christians, our hope isn’t based on empty promises, but on an empty tomb. Wednesday on Turning Point,... More
To make a positive impact on the world, you don’t have to be rich or famous. You just have to be an encourager.... More
We all need it sometimes, and we’re called to provide it all the time. It’s encouragement. Monday on... More
The Judge: As Christians, we should look forward to heaven. But we shouldn’t ignore the punishment that... More
The Judge: “Judgment day” is more than just a figure of speech. It’s something each of us will experience.... More

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