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Last on: Monday 06 Jul 6:00 am

The Martyrs: Will the brutality toward Christians ever end? Thursday on Turning Point, Dr. David Jeremiah... More
The Martyrs: They say if it’s not worth dying for, it’s not worth living for. Does your faith in God... More
The Exile: Revelation stands apart from the rest of scripture with prophecies that many consider mysterious.... More
If you find the book of Revelation mysterious, getting to know its author can help demystify it. Monday... More
What Is the Greatest Commandment? Jesus said that we are to love both God and our neighbour. How are... More
What is the Greatest Commandment?: There are hundreds of commandments in the Bible. Which one is the... More
What Is Faith?: As Christians, it feels great to live by faith. But faith is much more than just a feeling.... More
What Is Faith?: How do you define “faith”? It’s a word that’s been so misused, its meaning is hard to... More
Is There a Sin God Cannot Forgive: Are you confused about what the Bible describes as the “unforgivable... More
Is There a Sin God Cannot Forgive?: Have you done something that seems so awful, you wonder if God can... More

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