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Woman to Woman is a lively up-to-the minute show especially for today's Christian women. If it's affecting you, we'll talk about it.  Join Maria Rodrigues and guests as they discuss the issues that shape your life. Lifestyle, parenting, sexuality, women in leadership – no stone is left unturned. Plus you can have your say too in our phone-ins. Woman to Woman is the only national radio show dedicated to Christian women today.

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Terri Savelle Foy is an expert in helping people have vision, so if you feel stuck in a rut listen up to her advice. Jen Baker explores how we can cling to God when life is tough. In conversation with Maria Rodrigues.
There is much darkness in the world, so how God who is light break in? Dr FUI MEE QUEK shares how life got so dark for her that she had a couple of suicide attempts and Rev CHARLYNNE BODDIE shares stories of things that go bump in the night – how can we overcome demonic activitiy?
Maria Rodrigues chats with Gerard and Jeannie Long about the tragic death of their two children, both under different circumstances, as well as to Janet Wright whose son was shot dead. Hear their stories of how they are responding to such tragedy.
LORRAINE JONES shares about that tragic moment when her son was stabbed to death and how God has broken into the painful experience. SARAH SMITH responds to the parents who have baths with their children. And Dr ELIZABETH CORCORAN discusses the grief of baby loss.
BETH ROWLAND talks about the importance of discussing bereavement with young and old alike as she explains the impact that the death of her mother had on her life, SONIA BROWN explains why it’s necessary to be in the right career rather than bumbling along in any job, and NICK HARDING offers advice on how to make church more accessible to boys.
DARA shares how God broke in when she was in the confines of a prison cell, SARAH WALTON explains where God has been with her son’s diagnosis of special needs and KATE BOWLER shares how a diagnosis of stage 4 cancer has affected her relationship with God
This week Maria Rodrigues chats with three women about often taboo topics: divorce, mental health and abuse. Hear CHRISTY WIMBER challenge how we pray for those with mental health struggles, TAMALA CEASAR explain how we can better support divorcees and REBECCA MITCHELL responds to the #metoo campaign.
This week Maria Rodrigues hears from 3 women about their journey with grief: CLAIRE BRINE talks about the loss of her father, JO CUNDY discusses loneliness after bereavement and LIZZIE LOWRIE talks about the taboo of miscarriage.
CLAIRE MUSTERS explains how wearing a mask nearly destroyed her marriage, RACHEL PICTON shares how she coped with discovering that her daughter was being groomed by an older man, and REV KATE BOTTLEY talks about the challenges of being spotted out and about – even when having medical procedures.
This week LIN BUTTON explains what impact carrying shame and guilt can have on our lives if it is left undealt with and PASTOR SOPHIA BARRETT shares what helped her get out the other side of a 10 year long dark patch. In conversation with Maria Rodrigues.