Woman to Woman is a lively up-to-the minute show especially for today's Christian women. If it's affecting you, we'll talk about it.  Join Maria Rodrigues and guests as they discuss the issues that shape your life. Lifestyle, parenting, sexuality, women in leadership – no stone is left unturned. Plus you can have your say too in our phone-ins. Woman to Woman is the only national radio show dedicated to Christian women today.

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This week we chat about those who have survived challenges. MARIA MITCHELL was widowed young so will explain what impact that had on her. REBEKAH GREGORY had an amputation after getting a victim of the Boston Marathon Bomb so shares where God was in the tragedy. Plus HELENA CROFT & HELEN ROBERTS talk about loneliness in our churches.
This week Maria Rodrigues talks to ROSE HUDSON WILKINS about the struggles she faced rising to becoming a chaplain to the Queen. ESTHER FLEECE explains how a traumatic childhood doesn’t have to dent your adult life ajd GESSIE THOMSPON lets us in on the things she learnt on her journey with health issues.
This week Lisa Mainwaring speaks to Bible teacher, preacher and international author Stormie Omartian about her powerful testimony and her famous three word prayer that saved her marriage. Adaeze Chiwoko from Marriage4Real talks about the 'power of our tongue’ in building up or tearing down our marriage; and she'll also be sharing her powerful testimony about how, through prayer, she breathed life into her marriage.
This week Maria Rodrigues talks to CHRISTINA REES about the role her mother played in encouraging her to fast for 40 days as a child – was that too extreme, a case of too much too soon, or a good witness? SUSIE HOWE will explain why some Christian pastors are going to the extremes of telling parents to burn their children with an iron and SISTER YVONNE will talk about the work she is doing in Zambia to combat the stigma surrounding HIV where people who are positive are still seen as outcasts.
This week Maria Rodrigues talks to RACHEL GARDNER about the craze of sexting among teens,LIZZIE LOWRIE explains why Mothering Sunday is difficult for many people and BETHANY MACDONALD talks about porn addiction recovery for female adults.
This week Maria Rodrigues talks to CHARLYNNE BODDIE about doing singleness well; Char spent time in Hollywood before the Lord called her to leave and go into full-time ministry. Singer KYM MAZELLE will share her life as a black girl growing up in a racially divisive America and a group of young women (ESTHER, ESTHER and KIKA) will talk about the impact that Hollywood movies have on and KATIE STOCK will reflect on naked praying.
This week Maria Rodrigues talks to PROF BRAD WILCOX about the latest research into the impact of co-habitation; SANDRA HOLDER explains how becoming a divorcee was partly due to pressure from leaders in the church for her to marry and KATHERINE BALDWIN explains why she believes childhood experiences held her back from falling in love as an adult.
This week Maria Rodrigues talks to AUKELIEN VAN ABEMMA about her work coaching Christian singles in the art of dating; listeners to the daily show share their thoughts on Christians going to a massage parlour, including thoughts from Christian massage therapist SHADE POPOOPLA; we hear a moving testimony from JOSEPHINE who shares what life was like growing up with the Lord’s Resistance Army in action and RACHEL HUSTON offers a spiritual reflection based on her attempt at going vegan!
This week Maria Rodrigues talks to CHERLENE WILSON who shares an experience of being groomed by an older boy at Church, Dr GILILAN STRAINE talks about her experience of having cancer as a Christian and REBECCA MITCHELL explains the impact that sexual abuse experiences can have on relationships in adult life, with MAJOR BEVERLEY IVANY offering a spiritual reflection.
This week Maria Rodrigues talks to author and blogger ANN VOSKAMP about embracing our brokenness, PATRICK REGAN talks about embracing a God of love during a season of suffering and LIN BUTTON discusses the impact of an emotionally or physically absent father on our spiritual well-being, with JACQUELINE PEART will offering a spiritual reflection.